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Welcome to Junk-O'Lantern Junk Removal Services!

Are you tired of unused items getting in your way? We know things accumulate over time. That's where we come into play. Whether you're remodeling your house, cleaning out a rental property or just trying to make room in your garage to finally get that new car or truck inside.
We properly dispose of your items according to specifics. We pride ourselves on being "The Greenest" junk removal specialists around. If your items can be refurbished, reused, or fixed our technicians back at the warehouse will do that. Then items are separated and donated to several local charities. If it can't be donated it gets recycled. We recycle all our materials not just metal. Paper, plastic, rubber, cardboard, glass etcetera.

We've seen it all and we take it all. Anything you want gone we take it away. From a single item pick up to multiple truck jobs. All you have to do is give us a call. You don't have to consolidate your items or carry them to the curb. Our friendly associates will take your items from wherever they are located. We do all the work so you don't have to. Call today to book a free onsite estimate.


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