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We price by volume which is how much space your items accumulate to once on the truck. We price in 8th of a load increments.

An 8th of a load is about the equivalent to a double door refrigerator/freezer or 3 seater sofa. And we can fit 8 refrigerators or couches on one of our trucks. We do have a minimum charge for anything less than an 8th of a load or a single item pickup.

Discounts are available for jobs equaling more than one full truck load and repeat customers. We have separate surcharges for the proper disposal of paint, freon compressors, and tires. Bedload surcharges will apply to heavier items such as concrete, brick, and tile if volume exceeds a half truck.

All final costs are negotiable depending on the situation of the job.
Location, weight, donatable items and recyclable items can decrease or increase our estimate.

Why we cant give final bids via email or phone:

We will give you the best estimate possible over the phone or email based on the description of the job, but until we are able to physically see your items to be removed we are not able to give the final price.

Junk O'Lantern takes this approach to prevent any surprises for you or us and to provide you the best, most satisfying service possible.




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